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How KAKAO Blessings Came To Be

In the early days, Makenzie and Michael were stone grinding and producing KAKAO in their home in Los Angeles. Each time they received a batch from Peru and it was time for preparation, a theme would present itself highlighting what the energy and blessing the batch needed to be, guided by the Spirit of Cacao.

As operations have grown and all production is carried out in Peru, we wanted to ensure that we were still part of the process and actively blessing the Cacao with powerful intentions. This organically formed into monthly batch blessings whereby somebody in the KAKAO team will tune in with the spirit of Cacao and channel a blessing that’s intended to serve the collective at that moment in time.

Every month, all our KAKAO regardless of location is blessed with sound healing, love and infused with the energy of the current blessing.  

If you'd like to learn more, Makenzie chats with DayLuna about KAKAO’s story and the evolution of the blessings on their podcast, listen here.