February blessing of KAKAO is the *Magic of Isis* edition…click here for full transmission :)

KAKAO PURE (no other ingredients) - 1 KG
KAKAO PURE (no other ingredients) - 1 KG

KAKAO PURE (no other ingredients) - 1 KG

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Approx. 25-40 Servings depending on dose

This is PURE Cacao with no other ingredients. If you are looking for our signature KAKAO Blend, click here.

Pure ceremonial-grade cacao is naturally bitter and therefore can be mixed with sweetener & additions of choice. See recipe in Preparation tab and enjoy this powerful, heart opening medicine.

KAKAO is a high-vibe, ceremonial drinking chocolate made from whole-bean Cacao. Our beans come from Peru (in the native strain called 'Chuncho'). This is a rare, hard to come by strain of cacao, and we have searched far and wide for the truest, ceremonial-grade cacao available. A large part of KAKAO's non-mission is to help save/protect the native strains of cacao.

We ship to Australia & NZ. Our products are also available to be shipped from the USA and Canada. Europe launches January 2020.

Ingredients & Nutrition

100% Peruvian, chuncho cacao beans


Ceremonial Dose Recipe using PURE KAKAO:

  • 8 oz hot water

  • 28g-40g of PURE Cacao (please go gently)

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • Sweetener of choice: honey/coconut sugar/maple syrup (our favorite is Panela)

  • Dash cayenne pepper

  • Optional: 1 spoonful coconut oil; Maca powder

Blend all ingredients in a blender safe for hot liquids, for a smooth & frothy drink!

Please sit ceremonially and with sacred intention with this cacao. Adjust dose for your own body and needs, as this is powerful medicine and it deserves 90+ minutes of conscious connection.


Every batch of KAKAO gets blessed with specific loving intentions to serve the collective. The spirit of cacao guides us in this process as we channel & create new editions.

Introducing the February blessing of KAKAO: the *Magic of Isis* edition.

Isis came to me and showed me what a woman in her power looks and feels like. Rather than being intimidated by it, I was in awe and trust of it. In fact, it gave me full permission to open and feel the shakti energy coursing through my body.

This is probably why she came to me, today, for the first time. Because I was ready- a full yes to this power, fearless and awakened.

She brought me into the Pyramid where she reminded me we have been here together many times before. This isn’t a time of learning or initiating, it’s a time of remembering.

The energy pulsed through my body and I completely came to life. I danced inside of ribbons of color and incredible light and sound. I was unleashed and I knew myself.

Now I bring you these cups of medicine so that you may remember you were there too. If fear still hides in your body, that’s not yours and it’s time to take that costume off. You are an awakened force of power and love that carries mystery and answers to everything. Within your body lies all the ancient codes you’ve been looking for. As you take this edition of kakao to your lips, may you hear, feel, speak with Isis and remember the initiations you went through long ago. She is back and so are you - no more hiding. No more playing small. No more suppressing the wisdom of your sex energy. We are sexual beings with great power that is called upon, today. Our Earth needs us now. The Golden Age is here and you have the keys right inside of you. The WOMAN has returned to Earth so darlings, all genders, do not rob yourself of this great pleasure and power.

The Magic of Isis 🔥


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