Mission & 501c3 non-profit

KAKAO's mission is to make ceremonial drinking chocolate available to the western world, in the way Mother Earth intended-- from whole, organic, native cacao beans. The vision we hold dearly is heart-centered creativity & the rise of consciousness assisted by this sacred plant. Cacao WILL heal the planet!

The founders of KAKAO, Makenzie and Michael, are on a mission to get as many people as possible this delicious, magical elixir. From inception, the intention has been to re-invest 100% of KAKAO profits back into the farmers and community in support of saving the native strains of cacao.
Our 501c3 non-profit mission has two phases:
Phase I: Provide native, ceremonial-cacao to the Western World in a sustainable, accessible way. We are already achieving Phase I, and have decreased our prices to our customers twice since inception date in order to make this heart-medicine more available.
In this phase, our cacao is sourced at over-fair trade prices. As of August 2018, all of the Cacao Chuncho in Peru was successfully harvested due to our recent purchases, meaning a more thriving community & group of 300 farmers.
Phase II: Upon being profitable, Phase 2 is for reinvestment of the profits into providing resources and support to cacao farmers in Guatemala and Peru, in hopes to further incentivize them to grow native strains only.

To donate & circulate towards our cause, please email hello@flykakao.com. All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  

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