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KAKAO Peruvian BLEND: 1 KG bag

KAKAO Peruvian BLEND: 1 KG bag

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Every batch of KAKAO gets blessed with specific loving intentions to serve the collective. The spirit of cacao guides us in this process as we channel & create new editions. This current batch is called REJOICE edition. Click here for the full energy blessing.

1 KG / 2.2 pounds (Approx. 25 servings)*

*Shelf life = over one year; keep in fridge in bag or jar.

KAKAO is a high-vibe, ceremonial 'drinking chocolate' (100% whole-bean Cacao, native variety). Our cacao is sourced from Peru (in the native strain called 'Chuncho'). These are very rare, hard to come by strains of cacao, and we have searched far and wide for the truest, ceremonial-grade cacao available in both Guatemala & Peru. A large part of KAKAO's mission is to help save/protect these native strains.

KAKAO Ingredients:

+ 100% Peruvian, chuncho cacao beans

+ Organic Panela (a raw, unprocessed sugar from Peru; high in minerals and known for its healing properties)

+ Organic chile powder (Peru)

+ Organic whole vanilla beans (Costa Rica)


Click here for Full Preparation & Ceremony Instructions

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 4-5 tbsp (40-50g)
Calories: 170  Fat: 12g  Sat. Fat: 7g  Trans Fat: 0g  Sodium: 0mg  Total Carbs: 16g  Sugar: 8g  Dietary Fiber: 9g  Protein: 4g

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