Ellie Seilern: KAKAO Europe/UK Guardian


I remember vividly the day that KAKAO entered my consciousness. I was at an event listening to Makenzie speak; about how she travelled across the country living in her van, spreading the word about her new desert hummus company and drinking ceremonial kacao every morning. She described how she asked for and received guidance from the kakao Spirit for all of her business decisions and how it got her through that crazy time. The hairs literally stood up on my arms and I felt like she was speaking a new language that I had somehow always known but never heard spoken before. It was a visceral awakening to a completely new paradigm and I knew right then and there that I needed to serve and co-create with the kakao Spirit in some way and that this would be with Makenzie. I’m not alone in this lightning bolt experience; many women have phoned me over the last two years to say that despite having not yet tasted a drop of ceremonial grade cacao, they knew with absolute certainty that they were bring called to offer ceremonies and work with her in some way. All of us had been tapped on the shoulder in this manner and this is often how the KAKAO spirit works.

Being able to work with KAKAO this way, to bring her to Europe, has been a dream come true for me.  I have wanted for years to be able to offer KAKAO to more people in Europe and the UK without them having to pay crazy shipping and custom charges. My wish is to show as many people as possible how to hold a personal cacao ceremony as I feel that this act alone could have a profound ripple effect on the overall vibration of our society. Imagine if most people walked around every morning high on KAKAO love instead of coffee?! What a world this would be! If we could just create one KAKAO ambassador in every office, family or community, conversations and interactions could be more sacred, more loving and more productive.

I’ll finish by saying how honoured and privileged I am to be partnering with such a beautiful group of people so devoted to preserving the native Chuncho bean and to investing into the farming communities in this region of Peru. I am beyond grateful to be working with a plant medicine from Mother Nature herself in this way. Pure, native, unprocessed and potent. Powerful and humbling. Know as you drink your cup of KAKAO that you are supporting a supply chain that will help sustain the harmony between Mother Earth and her communities, both in Peru and wherever you are right now.

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